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Online Auction

Boss Machinery also operates an online auction. This is a fast and reliable way of buying and selling in respect of which a number of conditions and rules are applicable.

For example, every item that is auctioned by us must comply with a number of conditions:

  • It must be possible to inspect the item at our location (unless expressly mentioned otherwise)
  • Detailed product information must be available of the item
  • Sufficient (detailed) pictures must be available of the item
  • A video recording has been made of the item which shows the functionality

Moreover, every item that is auctioned by us has three previously established features:

  • The minimum price (at which the auction is opened)
  • The direct sales price (against which the item is immediately sold)
  • The price increases per offer (the amount with which the offer increases per click)

To be able to bid online you first of all need a bidnumber nodig. You can apply for this via the site.

The bidding itself is very simple: with your code you login on our website and click on the “auction” page where the items “in auction” are visible. With the “bid” button you make a next offer. For example:
Caterpillar m312

  • Minimum price = EUR 9,000.00
  • Maximum price = EUR 14,000.00
  • Increase per offer = EUR 500.00

Boss Machinery offers a machine at EUR 9,000.00, the minimum price from which the bidding starts. On your screen you can also see that the direct sales price has been set at EUR 14,000.00 and the price increase per offer at EUR 500.00. The first to bid on this item is therefore willing to pay EUR 9,000.00. The next who clicks consequently offers EUR 500.00 more, and so on. Every bid remains available for 24 hours. If it is not outbidden then the highest bidder is the buyer. If someone would directly like to buy the machine, this person immediately offers the direct sales price, in this case EUR 14,000.00. Then this person will be the owner as the previously established maximum cannot be exceeded.

Personally introduce an item?
Then contact us and we will be pleased to visit you and discuss the extensive possibilities with you.

  Eindhovensebaan 3 - 5505JA Veldhoven - The Netherlands - Tel: +31 402532245 - Fax: +31 402544625 - E-mail: info@bossmachinery.nl - Skype!